Precision Slitting

Precision Steel Rolling

Combined Metals operates more than 16 slitters from heavy gauge units to the ultimate precision double loop slitters.

These slitters are capable of slitting in a thickness range from as thin as .001″ to as heavy as .125″. Widths range from a minimum of .187″ to a maximum of 50″ with PIW’s as high as 900.

Specializing in multiple cuts and difficult widths, our slitters are equipped with the latest technology in tension control and winding. Shimless tooling and software optimizes knife clearances and slitting set ups.

Customer feedback continues to verify that our units are of the highest quality slitters in the industry. This is part of our multi-faceted operator training which includes classroom training, customer and supplier visitations, data analysis, auditing, and testing for comprehension.

40″ and 52″ Precision Strip Slitting

Hampshire is capable of slitting material as thin as .0015″ as well as widths from 52″ to cuts as narrow as .185″.

ESM Hampshire Mill manufacturers all 200, 300, and 400 series stainless steel alloys in both the annealed and tempered condition. We also have the capability of producing nickel and titanium alloys upon request.

All material is certified to customer and industry specifications. With our own metallurgists and our affiliate laboratory’s, metallographic and chemical analysis is performed routinely.

To complement its automation Hampshire has a highly skilled and motivated workforce. ESM’s experienced operating and quality staff can be consulted and provide feedback on many different issues. Our direct contact with the customer insures problems will be understood, communicated and corrected.