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Custom Blanks

Cut-to-Length and Blanking

Combined Metals has cut to length and leveling capabilities up to 48” wide and widths from 13”up to 168” long. Longer lengths can be provided if required. This equipment can level stainless, aluminum, pre-painted steels and other specialty alloys.

Custom blanks can be produce in widths from 13” wide up to 48” wide and lengths from 3” up to 168”. Our Herr Voss leveling line coupled our Red Bud feeder, can produce close tolerance blanks to meet many difficult specifications.

Circle Blanks and Small Blanks


The Bellwood Service center has three punch presses capable of making Carbon Steel, Pre-painted Steel, Stainless Steel, Red Metal, or Aluminum circle blanks from 0.008” to 0.100” thick up to a 20” diameter for cookware or industrial applications. The same equipment can level strip and produce small CTL sheets or first operation blanks in thickness ranging 0.008” to 0.100” and sizes from 3” x 3” to 20” x 120” to the tightest industry squareness tolerances.